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Johnny Zapp - Live 2007Huntington Beach native Johnny Zapp is best known for his work writing and publishing rock singles for film and television projects.  With Johnny typically performing all guitars, bass, drums and vocals himself, his music is best described as organic rock and roll deeply rooted in the 1970s.  Some of Johnny’s television credits include Pimp My Ride; MTV 10 on Top, ESPN Coverage of the PGA Tour, various Red Bull promos and most recently, season two of the Nat Geo travel/culinary/marine-life smash, Into The Drink.

Television isn’t the only vehicle delivering these rock and roll gems.  FM rock radio in major cities such as Phoenix, Los Angeles, Orange County, Philly and all over Europe have added a handful of the tracks into rotation as well.  This modest success would lead to worldwide distribution through Island Def Jam Music Group, with nearly two dozen Johnny Zapp singles available for purchase via iTunes and most major digital media outlets.

Johnny is also a magazine columnist and black and white film photography artist.  With a passion for old school choppers, classic Americana, ‘60s counterculture and vintage guitars, he freelances for a few major hot-rod, motorcycle, music, fashion and art & culture publications.  The stories are often traveling pieces consisting of saddling up on his ‘64 Harley, logging hundreds of miles and documenting the journey with black and white film and words.  Often times, these excursions are focused on retro locations or films such as the iconic 1969 classic, Easy Rider.

When not riding his motorcycle, shooting film or working on music; Zapp is known to write exciting columns on lingerie, ladies fashion and romance for various lifestyle magazines.  Johnny recently launched his own website, The Chivalrous Life, ( dedicated to the importance of romance, chivalry and lingerie as a way of life.  Armed with an extensive knowledge of ladies fashion, Johnny offers a unique and refreshing writing style on these topics given his uncanny ability to appeal to both male and female audiences alike.

Johnny Zapp is nothing less than a genuine, creative old soul.  From vintage choppers, to rock and roll, to ladies fashion and lingerie, he’s got us covered and he looks good doing it! Keep your eyes peeled and you just might catch Johnny performing the occasional live gig or taking in the open road on his bike.